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Vietnam SDG Investor Map highlights opportunities (Vietnam Investment Review, 14 December 2022)

Published on 13/12/2022

The UNDP has just announced the Vietnam SDG Investor Map to provide policymakers, investors, and relevant stakeholders with market intelligence to direct their capital and activities toward SDG-aligned investment themes and business models, known as investment opportunity areas (IOAs).

This serves as a basis for Vietnam to plan investments in SDG-priority areas to generate profit and considers environmental and social outcomes. The map was made possible with support from the Centre for Impact Investing and Practices (CIIP) and the UNDP. CIIP is a non-profit centre established by the Temasek Trust.

The map will be used to guide the private sector to where funding is needed most within the country and encourages the application of technological innovation.

Using the UNDP SDG Impact’s robust methodology, the map has identified IOAs in the fields of education, healthcare, food and beverages, infrastructure, renewable energy, and financial services.

The map also identified seven white spaces – IOAs that have growth potential and are aligned with national development needs, but where government policies could go further to foster private sector investment.

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