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LeapFrog Investments and HealthifyMe: Identifying Opportunities in Asia to Serve Unmet Healthcare Needs

LeapFrog Investments is a pioneer in impact investing, with a focus on supporting and driving value creation for companies that provide essential health and financial services at affordable prices in global growth markets. 

LeapFrog’s investment in HealthifyMe, a mobile health and fitness company in India, demonstrates its approach to scaling impact within the healthcare sector. HealthifyMe is a digital-led service that is delivered via an app. It aims to help individuals improve their nutrition and health through weight loss, exercise, and education at scale. Technologies such as that offered by HealthifyMe are breaking down traditional barriers to access for financial and health services.

To date, HealthifyMe caters to more than 30 million users across more than 300 cities and employs over 1,500 fitness and lifestyle coaches. HealthifyMe’s impact is also felt keenly among low-income consumers. HealthifyMe offers a wide spectrum of pricing, enabling them to target both the masses and premium segments.

Download the full case study  here.

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